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Meet Wendy Martins

Wendy is a 21 year old 2nd level spray painting apprentice at Auto Body Specialists (ABS) in Midrand. She began her apprenticeship in 2016 and has since grown to be a dedicated member of the ABS family. She is highly self motivated, ambitious, self driven and devoted to her work.
She comes from a family of five, with both of her brother disabled. Her Mother and Father are both domestic workers and this situation motivates her to work hard and one day be the one to lift her family up to greater heights.

She believes that female apprentices working in this male dominated field have to work harder than their male counter parts so as to impress the mentors/managers and also prove that women are also capable to do the job.

She aspires to be a qualified spray painter in 2019 and work for a few years so that she becomes an established Artisan. Her other dream is to one day open a women only auto body repair shop that will empower women in South Africa and let them showcase their abilities.




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